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Punxsutawney Phil's Prediction: Early Spring!!!!

Don't let Spring catch you off guard. We will be happy to help you start planning your spring projects. With Winter rapidly fading its never to early to dig in.

DE-ICING salt now available! Offering Halite Rock Salt and Calcium Chloride in 50 lb bags And Bulk Rock Salt sold in Cubic Yards! Driveways, parking lots or patios we have the salt for you! Reduced pricing for full pallets!

EP Henry 

Looking for more inspiration? EP Henry 2018 catalog features 144 pages of design ideas for your home CLICK HERE


Reseeding your yard or looking for immediate growth in your garden or landscape beds? Look no further then our BEST PREMIUM SUPER TOPSOIL!!! Our blended topsoil mix is high in organic matter, free of clumps and kept dry for easy application. Available for pick up or delivery, from a 5 gallon bucket to full size dump truck loads. We make our topsoil daily so it is always available!

Topsoil Delaware

 We have a huge selection of dimensional flagstone beginning with   12" x 12" and increasing in 6 inch increments up to 24" x 36".  We have beautiful pallets of Irregular Flagstone in Blue Snap (Blue/Grey Colors), Lilac (Brownish/Red), West Mountain (Earthy tones), Mojave (Rust/Tans) and Chocolate Grey (Grey/Tan).  Stop by to check out our top-quality selection!