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We sell our bulk materials by the volume – a cubic yard.

Only need a small amount and not a full cubic yard of material? No problem – bring in your own 5 gallon buckets and fill the bucket yourself for $3.00-$5.00 per bucket, depending on the product.

We will load your trucks or trailers. We can deliver product to your home or jobsite. We do our best to meet your every need.
We have 3 dump trucks that can bring from 1cubic yard to 18 cubic yards of material.

Approximate Weight of Various Construction Materials Per Cubic Yard

Asphalt 2700 lbs/Cubic Yard = 1.35 Tons/Cubic Yard

Fill Dirt 3240 lbs/Cubic Yard = 1.62 Tons/Cubic Yard

Gravel 2400 lbs/Cubic Yard = 1.25 Tons/Cubic Yard

Crushed Stone 2700 lbs/Cubic Yard = 1.35 Tons/Cubic Yard

 Topsoil Dry 1900 lbs/Cubic Yard = .98 Tons/Cubic Yard

 Topsoil Wet 2100 lbs/Cubic Yard = 1.05 Tons/Cubic Yard

 Topsoil Wet Packed 2592 lbs/Cubic Yard = 1.30 Tons/Cubic Yard

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